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The ILOC Rugby shirt

ILOC lapel badge
ILOC lapel badgeSize chartClub logo detailMoto Breganze logoV61000 detailRed SFC1000Black SFC1000Black SFC detailJota 180, Black/whiteJota180 detail
£ 29.00 each
Rugby shirt size
Rugby shirt LH lapel
Rugby shirt chest logo


There's a cross section of owners who 'wouldn't be seen dead in a t shirt', so here's a really nice item for you.

These shirts are available in stock in black and white, with a variety of designs.  You can also choose the amount of designs that you want - just a single lapel badge, or a combination of different logos to suit you.  Don't see one you like?  Just send me an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'm sure I can put something together for you.

The designs on the rugby shirt have a multi-layer velvet effect where appropriate, giving a really nice finish to the garment. Make sure that you consult the size chart; these shirts are sized differently to the t shirts ie, I'm a 2XL t shirt and I need a 3XL rugby shirt.